Top Paid Non-Physician Jobs in the Healthcare Sector

Non-physicians have some of the highest paid jobs in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is one that is growing at unprecedented rates despite occasional downturns in the economy. Due to this factor, workers in the health

Is Your Dog A Beauty Or A Beast?

No matter what kind of dog you have you probably love it as much as your children. It is a part of the family after all and you must treat it as such. However, sometimes dogs, depending

What’s Good For You Can Be Deadly For Them!

When you are enjoying a meal, your dog is often at your side hoping to get a taste of whatever is on your plate. In most instances, a quick bite is not a big deal and you

Penny Stocks An Addiction?

Buyer beware. Whether you are on the hunt looking for a new car, a house, or investing money, the old adage applies across the board. Sometimes it is a lesson that has to be learned the hard

How To Spot A Financial Scam

Investors have always had to be savvy, because there are just as many if not more fast-talkers and smooth operators out there who are more than willing to trick you out of your hard-earned money. While common

Historical Financial Scams

It’s harder to find a solid avenue to invest your money in than it is to fall for an investment  scam these days. In fact, some of the most dubious investments have become important events in history,

Top 5 Rice Makers Revealed

Cooking rice has come a long way since its  flavor, texture, and consistency became important. What was once considered just a grain and a basic source of sustenance for most of the world  has evolved  into a

How To Decide If Law School Is For You

Some kids grow up wanting to be police officers, fire fighters, doctors, etc., but one field that never seems to get much young aspiration is law. However, as kids mature and grow up, law school quickly becomes

What Does Intellectual Property Law Have To Do With Your Shaving Habits?

Intellectual Property Law has had a profound effect on Gentlemen’s shaving habits. Far more than would seem obvious without a little cursory digging. Early in the Twentieth century Gillette patented a means of producing cheaply the disposable

Dogs have become an integral part of forensic science

Dogs have a long history of working in partnership with humans, whether as a guide dog, police dog or sheep dog etc, but now dogs have proved their worth by aiding in forensic science. Dogs have excellent

Is it Smart for Society to Pay Sports Stars More than Teachers?

As many states in the US are cutting their budgets in order to survive the current economic difficulties, teachers are seemingly caught in the middle. Today, many teachers across the US are not only looking at stagnant

Is Pirating Software Affecting Musicians Bottom Line?

KW: guys like Eminem are still doing well; reported worth, Usher is another example of a musician not exactly starving to death It is arguably true that most people who have access to the internet have pirated

Pick A City, Any City: Creating Your Ideal Vacation

Several years ago I decide to take a sabbatical from my job and travel around the world; it was a dream I’d had for years and it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever

Forgotten American Cuisine: South American Vacation

If there is one thing that connects human beings from different cultures together, it is this: cuisine. In fact, it is not a stretch to say that food is what of the primary threads that has connected

To Conquer Or Not To Conquer, A Moral Question

I’ve always appreciated the beauty, culture and rich history of Mexico and Spain and finally planned out the perfect vacation; visiting incredible areas like Lake Texococo in modern day Mexico and attempting to follow the ancient conquistadors