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How To Spot A Financial Scam

Investors have always had to be savvy, because there are just as many if not more fast-talkers and smooth operators out there who are more than willing to trick you out of your hard-earned money. While common

Historical Financial Scams

It’s harder to find a solid avenue to invest your money in than it is to fall for an investment  scam these days. In fact, some of the most dubious investments have become important events in history,

Dogs have become an integral part of forensic science

Dogs have a long history of working in partnership with humans, whether as a guide dog, police dog or sheep dog etc, but now dogs have proved their worth by aiding in forensic science. Dogs have excellent

Is Animal Abuse And Cruelty Growing Or Waning?

Through the years, there has been a lot of arguing regarding animal cruelty. Some people see it differently than others, and some people do not care about it at all. There are individuals out there who do

Five Famous Quotes Criminal Families Will Agree With

Criminals are notorious for many things.. not the least of which great quotes. From Dirty Harry to Bonny and Clyde, criminals have given us many memorable quotes to choose from. It isn’t all shoot-em-up and robbing things,

Special Ed Teacher and Probation Officer among Drug Smugglers Caught

Photo credit: What happened? This crime was reported that these unlikely professionals got wrapped up in drug smuggling in Essex County. A jail was the setting and the smuggling ring was likened to a concierge service

Teens Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit, Reason Explored

Teens today are seen to be more advanced when it comes to their mindset leading to some circumstances where they are already been subjected to crimes as well as different types of abuses. They are seen to

Miami Jails Overrun With “Paralegals” For Odd Crime

People think of Miami as a party town. Bright lights, loud music, fast cars, alcohol, and strippers. Miami is littered with strip clubs, with a club seemingly on every single block. One place you probably wouldn’t expect

Is Organized Crime Destroying The Rainforest?

Organized crime syndicates are always looking for ways to make money regardless of the impact to others. When it comes to destroying the environment, it is no different. In fact the illegal activities against many protected habitats

How Often Do Criminals Get Caught?

Due to many different problems facing every country all over the world, the presence of crimes seems to be one of the most alarming incidents that can be observed.  To the extent that they are really in

Pharmaceutical Malpractice Sends Victim To Morgue

Studies have shown that an estimated tens of millions of pharmaceutical mistakes take place every year, resulting in over 1.5 million people being not just harmed but causing over 200,000 deaths. Even more disturbing there is a

Minnesota Woman Hunts Lion, World Reacts

Melissa Bachman has caused international controversy over her recent hunt in South Africa. In the photo the female trophy hunter is depicted next to a dead male lion. The animal is nearly twice times her size, and

The Role of Forensics in the Casey Anthony Case

There are many famous cases in the twentieth century that where forensic evidence played a significant role in the case. In the case of Casey Anthony, who was on trial for the murder of her two-year old

Forensic Psychologists Are Used In High Profile Cases

Forensics itself is typically associated with unbiased truths; good examples would be DNA evidence, fingerprints left on a murder weapon, DNA evidence, and the findings of crime scene investigators who collect hair and clothing fibers to investigate

Gambling Paralegal Steals Nearly A Quarter Million Due To Stress

According to an article from, a Spanaway woman, Deborah Sheehan, stole over $250,000 in checks that were meant to be returned to clients in the law firm in which she worked as a paralegal. She would receive