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Are Engineers Pushovers? A Look At Engineering School Protests

If you take a look at engineering school protests, especially those held during the 1960’s and 1970’s, radical periods in history, it would appear that engineers aren’t necessarily pushovers. It was a time of passion, especially when

Rising Tuition Prices: Students Fight Back

Photo credit: Wikipedia Students hailed from universities and colleges in Oregon to protest against the ever-increasing costs of tuition in front of the Oregon State Capital. These costs have been increasing exponentially over recent years making it

Inspiring Quotes From Great Figures In History

Can you really make a difference? These brave & women from history succeeded against all odds. They may be gone, but their words and actions reverberate throughout the centuries. Here are some of their inspirational words: They

People Strip In Courtroom To Protest Ban On Nudity

Here’s an interesting one… people strip down in the courtroom after the judge bans public nudity in San Francisco. Don’t worry… the exhibitionists are definitely going to sue. This is one time they didn’t want to get

As Unskilled Workers Protest, We Must Look Inward As A Nation

Unskilled workers, like those in the fast food or those who work at Wal-Mart, have been protesting lately because of everything from low wages to no health insurance. These protests have garnered a bit of attention in

A Brief History Of Student Protest Movements In The United States

We’ve all seen them on television, watching all their efforts unfold before our eyes, and many of us have even taken part in them; student protests movements. These movements come together for a variety of causes including