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Is it Smart for Society to Pay Sports Stars More than Teachers?

As many states in the US are cutting their budgets in order to survive the current economic difficulties, teachers are seemingly caught in the middle. Today, many teachers across the US are not only looking at stagnant

Is Pirating Software Affecting Musicians Bottom Line?

KW: guys like Eminem are still doing well; reported worth, Usher is another example of a musician not exactly starving to death It is arguably true that most people who have access to the internet have pirated

Forgotten American Cuisine: South American Vacation

If there is one thing that connects human beings from different cultures together, it is this: cuisine. In fact, it is not a stretch to say that food is what of the primary threads that has connected

To Conquer Or Not To Conquer, A Moral Question

I’ve always appreciated the beauty, culture and rich history of Mexico and Spain and finally planned out the perfect vacation; visiting incredible areas like Lake Texococo in modern day Mexico and attempting to follow the ancient conquistadors

The Top Rappers Are Making It Big – Is That Ok?

Rappers are notorious for signing about what the youth want to hear about. Things like drugs, sex and other things that will get one into trouble, including breaking the law, make albums and single sell. Of course,

Is A Lawyers Time Over-Valued For What They Actually Do?

When most of us here’s the term “lawyer” it leaves us with a negative feeling which is unfortunate because most lawyers earn every dime they get paid and while it can be a hefty amount if they

An Apple a Day Keeps The Nurse Practitioner Away? ACA Game Changer?

While a shortage of physicians seemed to be inevitable as countless Americans acquire health insurance coverage under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), we have to ask ourselves “will nurse practitioners replace doctors?” The latest research indicates

Teens Confess to Crimes They Didn’t Commit, Reason Explored

Teens today are seen to be more advanced when it comes to their mindset leading to some circumstances where they are already been subjected to crimes as well as different types of abuses. They are seen to

Is Organized Crime Destroying The Rainforest?

Organized crime syndicates are always looking for ways to make money regardless of the impact to others. When it comes to destroying the environment, it is no different. In fact the illegal activities against many protected habitats

Is Medical Malpractice Killing Our Medical System?

Preventable medical errors kill over 200,000 Americans a year. This number includes diagnostic errors, failure to follow guidelines and errors of omission resulting in high mortality. For a country that is rated as the sixth largest economy

Is the Media in the Tank for Barrack Obama? Media Bias Explored

The media is tasked with the role of ensuring that accurate reporting standards prevail at all times. Top journalism schools, such as Glendale community, college have been hailed for producing the best journalists with high quality professional

Latin American Beaches: Cheap But Dangerous?

Latin America is a popular place for many Americans as well international visitors to go on vacation. For a long time now, Mexico and Belize have especially been favorite destinations, particularly for Americans. Since many people from

Ask The Gunsmiths: Should Guns Be Outlawed?

The United States’ infatuation with guns has been a part of its history since before its historic Revolution. The second amendment rights that protect the rights of individuals to own and bear arms, while dating back to

Rising Tuition Prices: Students Fight Back

Photo credit: Wikipedia Students hailed from universities and colleges in Oregon to protest against the ever-increasing costs of tuition in front of the Oregon State Capital. These costs have been increasing exponentially over recent years making it

N.S.A. Gathers Social Connection Data On American Citizens

The NSA have regularly been in the news in the last few months, following the revelations made by Edward Snowden. The National Security Agency has exploited its data collection policies to create powerful information about American citizens.