How To Decide If Law School Is For You

How To Decide If Law School Is For You

Some kids grow up wanting to be police officers, fire fighters, doctors, etc., but one field that never seems to get much young aspiration is law. However, as kids mature and grow up, law school quickly becomes a very realistic opportunity for many. Maybe it’s knowing how much money you could potentially be making in the law field, or maybe it’s the burning desire to seek justice out for the world. Whatever it is, law school is a very encouraging choice for many students. Is law school for you?

In order to answer that question you must ask yourself a series of other questions. Are you interested in law? Law can seem fairly boring at times and don’t get me wrong, it can be very discouraging having to read and study as much as you do in law school, but it definitely pays off with the amount of knowledge you gain. Law school is all about learning and understanding. This is why so many kids go to law school because they believe they can land a full-time position right out of it and be making six figures annually. While this could very well be a realistic scenario, it doesn’t happen to everyone. Those who work hard, put in the time, and dedicate themselves to the task at hand are the ones who can make the big bucks out of school. Do not let money be your motivator.

Even if you’re interested in law, do you have the patience for it? Law school is very demanding and, like I said above, you must be willing to fully commit yourself to it. Besides being very mentally demanding, law is also very time demanding as well. You must be able to work long hours in the law field and often times work over time at a moment’s notice.

While you may be only thinking about attending law school, it is a good idea to know where you’re going to go afterward. Having a plan set up and in place for the second you graduate will instantly put you in the fast-seat to a decent position. The field of law is very vast, so feel free to spend lots and lots of time deciding where all you might end up. Some people go to health care, others go to education. There is immigration, public policy, criminal justice, etc. There are many opportunities for you, you just need to go out there and find them.

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