What’s Good For You Can Be Deadly For Them!

What's Good For You Can Be Deadly For Them!

When you are enjoying a meal, your dog is often at your side hoping to get a taste of whatever is on your plate. In most instances, a quick bite is not a big deal and you can share a little food with your dog. However, there are certain foods that can be very dangerous dogs and it is important that you always avoid giving these to them.

Is Chocolate the Only People Food that Dogs Must Avoid?

It is very important for dogs to avoid chocolate, but there are a number of other foods that can also cause some problems if a dog ingests them. As a dog owner, it is very important that you know what these are and keep them away from your dog. Make a list of the foods that are not dog-friendly and hang it on your refrigerator door so that the whole family can easily see it. This can help to prevent accidental ingestion and it can reduce the risk of your dog having access to the foods. The foods that are not good for dogs include:

a)     Onions and garlic

b)    Raisins and grapes

c)     Any food or drinks that have caffeine in them

d)    Anything that contain alcohol

e)     Fatty drippings and trimmings from meats

Are Fruits that People Eat Safe for Dogs?

If you are planning to feed your dog fruit as part of his regular diet, you surely want to make sure that any of the fruits you have him are safe. Fruits are nutritionally diverse in that they provide a variety of vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for optimal health. However, you cannot just hand your dog an apple or a banana and be done. You must properly prepare the fruit for your dog because he is unable to do this himself. Peel the banana, remove the core from the apple and all of the seeds and make sure that the fruit is very clean.

You should prep all fruit before giving it to your dog. Think about what you do to fruit before serving a fruit salad and use this as a general rule of thumb for what you need to do for your dog. Your dog can eat a number of fruits safely, and these include:

f)     Watermelon

g)     Raspberry

h)    Pears

i)      Mango

j)      Blueberries

k)    Apricot

l)      Apples

m)   Cantaloupe

n)    Oranges

  • o)    Pineapples

p)    Strawberries

You can see that you can provide your dog with a nutritionally diverse diet than includes fresh produce without many issues. Just know about the few foods that dogs should not have so that your dog does not experience a potential medical emergency. When you do feed him fruit, be very mindful of the serving size for each fruit. In fact, you should consult your veterinarian and provide a serving size based on his advice. This will ensure optimal safety for your pet, as well as a balanced diet.

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